The Cats

Gnat the Cat

Trapped in the woods of Michigan by my sister, Gnat is around 12 years old. He was totally wild when we first got him, but after a couple of incidents where he burst through window screens to get outside, he has now mellowed to become a great cat. We hang his picture at all of our art shows to let him know we are thinking of him. He has a scratch on his right cornea from a previous life.

Assets: Very smart, has manners, cool
Other names: Snat Cat, Gnatticus, Little Dude

Tater, age six. We adopted Tater from Furkids, a great no kill shelter in Atlanta, where cats roam free in rooms and you can go in and bond with a cat. Little did we know when we bonded with Tater that he was a psychopath. He eats anything, including salad with Ranch dressing. He makes weird sounds while running the halls, which he does alot. He also has a ridiculously large tail, which he curls to touch his head.

Assets: Sweet, very soft, nerdy
Other names: Bunny Rabbit