The Cats


We adopted Tater from Furkids, a great no kill shelter in Atlanta, where cats roam free in rooms and you can go in and bond with a cat. Little did we know when we bonded with Tater that he was a psychopath. He eats anything, including salad with Ranch dressing. He makes weird sounds while running the halls, which he does alot. He also has a ridiculously large fluffytail, which he curls to touch his head.

Pros: Sweet, very soft, nerdy
Cons: He stalks me for affection
Other names: Bunny Rabbit, T.


We also adopted Maurice and his brother from Furkids. Maurice is officially "The Happiest Cat in America".  He even purrs when he eats.  He chases those mice cat toys like a dog and brings them back.  He is skinny and probably weighs all of six pounds, but he is the alpha cat.  He is 100% Tabby, and has little Lynx ears.  Maurice always is in a hurry to go somewhere, even though he is
a prisoner in the house.   

Pros: Sweet, soft, playful, Spokescat
Cons: Alpha male things
Other names: Purrice, Big Mo, Gangster of Love

Monkey Bat

Originally named Onyx, we changed his name to Kaspar, since he was all black. But it soon became apparent that he walked like a monkey and had a face like a bat.  So he became Monkey Bat.  Our first black cat, and in the running to be the weirdest cat we have ever had.  But he's very sweet, it's just his elevator doesn't always go to the top.  He likes to watch movies at night laying on my husband's legs.     

Pros: Blends into shadows easily
Cons:  He's always worried about what's happening down the hall
Other names: Mr. Timbertoes, Monkey Man